Common Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Custom Challenge Coins

Ordering custom challenge coins can be a massive pain in the neck for the people who have no clue on what they should do. This is often the case for those who have never ever tried to order custom coins before.Going in without knowing anything often leads to disastrous results. People end up with shabby coins or coins that were not what they expected them to be.

custom challenge coinsOrdering custom coins is not rocket science. All it really takes to avoid a disaster is learning to avoid some of the common mistakes that people make. Here are some of the more common mistakes people should avoid when placing an order for custom challenge coins.

Not communicating with the coin manufacturer

One of the biggest mistakes people often make when ordering custom coins is failing to communicate with the coin manufacturer. Coin production is kind of a long process. This is especially true if a person plans to place a big order.During the creative and production process, it is important for a customer to communicate with the coin manufacturer constantly. Both parties need to be on the same page to avoid any costly mistakes.

Plenty of people have paid good money for products that are not up to scratch because they failed to communicate with the coin manufacturer. Opening the lines of communication is one of the best things a person can do to make sure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan.Finding a coin manufacturer that is easy to talk to and get a hold of is important for anyone looking for custom challenge coins.

Not having an idea in hand

Some people do not really have an idea of what they want their coin to be. They think that the coin manufacturer can solve all their problems by simply paying them to do their job.To be sure, there are coin manufacturers out there who can do all the work for their customers. However, that does not mean that a person should submit an empty-handed proposal to the coin manufacturer.

It is prudent for any person to have an idea and plan in mind before approaching a coin manufacturer. It is the customer’s job to tell the coin manufacturer what to make, while it is the latter’s job to tell the former what is and what is not possible and how much it costs if it is possible.Not having an idea in hand often leads to horrible custom challenge coins that leave many customers unhappy.

Not ordering for a little more than what’s needed

Ordering enough to cover the needs is prudent. It is also important to consider ordering more than what is needed. Some organizations out there ended up not having enough coins to give out to their intended recipients.

It is prudent to order more than what is needed. Sometimes, coins get lost or destroyed for one reason or another. It is a safe bet to order a bit more since this avoids an awkward situation where there are not enough coins to go around.

Not looking abroad

Another thing that people seem to ignore is that they have options abroad. Ordering coins from abroad is actually cheaper than ordering from coin manufacturers here in the United States.

Despite its advantage of being cost effective, the downside to ordering from abroad is that it takes a long time to deliver. The thought of having to coordinate an order with someone from another country can prove to be too taxing for some people.

Keep these simple guidelines in mind and buying custom challenge coins will not be too difficult.