Ignoring SEO Can Still Garner Success – Simple Methods of Getting Noticed

There are always going to be people that rise to the top of search engines with insurmountable odds ahead of them. You may think that you’re publishing a blog post or launching a site that isn’t going to get a lot of attention, and then out of the blue you’re going to see a huge jump in interest, and that’s something that many people are experiencing right now. The thing that you have to understand about all of this is that it can happen with or without working on SEO. There are some sites that just seem to draw a lot of attention and if you explore the reasons why some sites get more traffic than others, despite working with professionals or DIY marketing tactics, you will see that the internet is full of different elements that can help you sustain market share in a variety of ways.

The Name Game

seoFirst and foremost, you should realize that the big thing to remember about all of this is that the domain name matters. People still type in full domain names into their search bars and more. If someone searches a full domain name and it is registered, they’ll get to a site that they either were looking for or weren’t looking for. For some people, this means registering the domain name that they want and then registering misspellings. This isn’t so much a matter of search engine optimization as it is smart registration. If someone misspells something online, they are sent to a site that they were going to go to anyway. For instance, if you misspell Google, you’ll still get to where you need to go. That is something that can improve your traffic margins, so consider the naming conventions that you are going got use for your site very carefully.

Social Media Influence

There are some people that are going to get a lot of traffic from a variety of resources that are not search engine related. For instance, you may see a huge push forward through social media sites and profiles. Your social media pages are going to help you gain influence through a variety of areas, but you’ll have to be careful how you position this moving forward. It’s not something that you are going to gain leverage within unless you are focusing on the right elements. Some people think that it’s easy to garner success with social media, but that’s not true. This takes a lot of time to move forward with and could end up causing you a great deal of work overall. If you want to see your market share grow within the parameters of social media, you’ll have to either hire someone to help you or you’re going to have to cultivate your audience to the point where they follow through to your site’s links and more.

Video Marketing Cycles

Some people focus on building video channels where they publish a lot of different videos overall. You could publish a plethora of videos and start to see a huge jump in your traffic overall. This is a good thing, as you will be able to find a market place for your interactions that will let you gain leverage overall. The goal here is to make sure that you are able to chase the right parameters moving forward and perhaps find a new niche for your page’s overall reach. This helps with SEO in the long term, but you may find that you could build an audience online through just video updates. If you want services for marketing then click here.

Blogging Updates

Another way to get a lot of attention, even though you may ignore SEO is through blogging. There are some bloggers that do nothing in the realms of optimization at least not deliberately. However, they have been around so long that they seem to have a built in audience that reads their pages. If you are going to make moves online, you have to look into blogging a lot. The more you publish the higher you are going to end up in certain niches. However, you’re going to have to stay steady with this as you’ll find that some of your content is going to get ignored. Don’t fret though, because your marketing elements are going to end up helping you build on the right arenas if you are going to move forward. Marketing deliberately is not necessary here, but content has to be done well and all new.

The above elements can make your site grow in terms of traffic generation with or without deliberate attention to SEO marketing. You’ll find that it may not make you the number one site overall, but it could have some resources that will help you build on the right channels overall. It’s definitely worth chasing in the right arenas, as it will help you gain leverage overall.

If you’re going to work with SEO on a professional level, hire a good firm that will take into consideration the aforementioned and build you the right collateral moving forward. You’ll find that it’s going to be a good solution moving forward in the right arena. Just remember, this all takes time to build and focus on overall.