Repairing Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are usually beat up during the golf season. There are many issues that a golfer can face even with the most expensive pair of golf-specific shoe just as the season ends. The damages on the shoes are more often than not due to the environment where one plays. Some golf courses are uneven and some are in the woods. There are also courses wherein golfers have to trek through rocks just to reach them. Because of this, it is essential for a golfer to know how to personally fix any damages on the golf shoe not only to extend the footwear’s life, but also to ensure its functionality.

A usual concern of a golfer is the spikes of the golf shoes. This makes it more crucial for one to learn how to change the spikes once these are no longer working the right way. By simply following the steps below, a golfer can replace the spikes effortlessly.

The first step is to evaluate the current condition of the spikes

Golf shoeThese spikes usually have contact on the ground and therefore, are more prone to wear and tear. The presence of damage definitely means that replacement is already needed. Experts have mentioned that it is essential to replace the spikes every six months. Regular golfers, on the other hand, might have to change the spikes after forty rounds.

The next step is to use a spike tool to twist the first spike off

All the spikes on the shoes should be twisted off one by one. Once everything has been taken out, the same tool can be used to twist new pieces into place.

Another feature of the golf shoes that has to be checked every now and then is the laces. One simply has to carefully take out the old laces from the holders so the leather and the holders are not damaged. Once both laces are removed, string in the new laces to the loopholes. It is essential to replace laces because these tend to wear out over time. This can result to a golfer not being able to properly tie the laces.

There can also be cracks present on several parts of the golf shoe (in the canvas, seams, and soles, for example). Shoe-repair glue can be used to fill in all the cracks. Covering the cracks is essential before polishing the shoes.

Once all the damages have been fixed, it is now time to polish the golf shoes. A golfer is advised to use a clean towel dampened with warm water to get rid of dust, dirt, and debris, which are usually present both in the interior and in the exterior. These unwanted things should be completely wiped off from the shoes because their presence will create imperfections.

A golfer could choose between neutral and colored polish for the shoes. Simply rub down the polish oil into areas that are hard to reach, as well as to surfaces that are often exposed. The shoe polish is expected to cover all the imperfections on the surface of the shoes. Polishing the shoes properly makes a difference, especially if used on leather shoes because the shoe polish ensures that the material looks healthy and shiny

When it comes to white golf shoes, a golfer can opt for white shoe paint to evenly cover flaws. This paint along with the shoe polish will ensure that the pair of shoe shines just like new shoes.

If the overall support of the shoes is already breaking down, the best option is to visit for personalized insoles. And if the damages cannot be repaired personally, it is best to contact the manufacturer because they know best and usually do repairs for free.