Why Many Individuals Prefer The Traditional Funeral Ceremony?

The death of a love one is definitely a hard thing to accept. Besides, you need to prepare the body for its final resting place. However, in these modern times, many individuals prefer cremation while others still prefer the traditional funeral ceremony.

Cremation was first introduced in the Western world as early as 1000 BC. It was the Greeks who first introduced it to the world. They thought of cremation as the only means during the war to ensure that soldiers who died still get a decent farewell. The bodies were burned and they gather the ashes and sent them to their families for burial.

funeralIn general, a funeral is described as a ceremony to honor or remember the life of the person who had passed away. Some individuals still prefer the old traditional approach because they believe that there are some religious attachments to it. In other cultures, they believe in the so-called after life, resurrection, or even in reincarnation.

Cremation Versus Traditional

One of the hardest decisions everyone had to deal with is choosing whether to cremate the body or just follow the traditional ceremony. Recently, many individuals prefer cremation believing it is much cheaper compared to the traditional services.

If they chose the former, they do not have to worry about the service and visitation. However, there are some instances wherein the family faces the dilemma of considering the wishes of their dead relatives or choosing which they think is the most practical way.

For example, during the last hours of a person wishes the he or she be cremated upon her death. However, the family is a strong believer and would rather choose the old traditional service for their departed love ones. Which one would they choose then?

In other cultures, they simply believe that cremation is just the process of hurrying the decomposition of the body. After all, when the body is buried, it will undergo the long, slow process of decomposition. However, in keeping up with the tradition, some families still hold a funeral service before they cremate the body. In this way, they manage to follow the wishes of their loved ones and at the same time, they do what they want to do.

How Much Does A Traditional Service Cost?

As mentioned earlier, cremation cost less than funeral services. However, for someone considering the traditional service, it’s necessary to start thinking about the cost of the service. The cost of such services today may not be the same as before. It means as the years goes by, there is a rapid increase in the cost of the service.

According to some studies, the average funerals today cost anywhere between $6,000 and $10,000. However, let us remember that these are not all the expenses we need to consider. Some additional expenses that need to be considered include cash advances for the mortuary, the casket, and the service. In addition, they also need to consider the final resting place of their dead relatives.

In comparison to cremation, cremation only cost an average of $2,000 to $4,000 if arrangements were made through a mortuary. There is a big difference in the cost compared to traditional services. Although there are some additional charges that need to be considered such as obtaining the original copy of the death certificate, removing pacemakers, if any, and transporting the body, it is still the cheapest way of disposing the body.

Whether you choose to cremate the body or you wish to go for the traditional funeral services, it is important to give due respect to the dead and respect their wishes.

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