Featuring Live Chat Software

ManagemetIn the eyes of consumers, live chat software and other customer-friendly programs are always appreciated. With this software, clients who visit e-commerce websites are being attended to by agents who offer help regarding the products and services of the company who owns the website. Questions are being answered, concerns are being dealt with and other queries are explained once the customer clicks the live chat icon. It is convenient because the specs of a product can be explained properly or the mechanics of a given service can be further clarified on the spot. By then, the customer is enlightened on the product or service he is deciding.

chatLive chat software is a program companies acquire in order to monitor their company websites and to provide immediate customer service to its consumers. It is similar to an internet customer service. At the same time, any activity of the website is being recorder for other business purpose and reported back to the company. The software helps both the company and its customers.

Chat software programs have a list of features that make the running of the application better than other software. Below are the features that prove to be most effective in live chat software.

The cloud-based SaaS platform is a format wherein software installment and managing is not needed. All the program requires is a script and it is ready for use.

The web-based agent dashboard is designed for high volume and efficient chat processing. The web-based feature enables chats to be processed anywhere. There is no need for individual download of any software every time a chat is engaged.

Pre-defined responses and scripts are automated replies. These are templates to frequently asked questions. The agent won’t have to type the same response over and over again. Instead, the copy-paste method is simply used.

Customized pro-active invites are the chat invitations that web visitors see. The invite is presented in a customized look that layouts the messaging, animation and style is more appealing manners.

Live chat software usually has multiple chat agents. These are the people who monitor website activity and communicate for your company’s website.

Chat Routing Based Upon Agent Load/Skill is a feature wherein the platform automatically connects chats to agents based on their individual loads and skills. In addition, dashboard sound alerts notify chat agents when a visitor engages in chat.

livewFor better effectiveness, the software has a backup answering service. This service reroutes unanswered chats from customers to the chat center. Once an agent is available, he can claim the customer’s unanswered chat. At the same time, if a chat agent is unavailable, the visitor has an option to fill up an email form that will pop out of the chat box.

Traffic and conversion reports are made available to customers where they can see past reports related to the visitors, previous chats and past leads.

Custom branding enables the company to brand the chat window with the official logo, pictures and other information regarding the company itself.

Call connect enables the agent to connect the visitor to the advertiser of the company by phone, while web page push is another feature that enables chat agents to place a web address on the visitor’s browser.

For the chat agents, the office hour tracking is a feature wherein the chat software behaves differently during and after office hours.

The best platform of live chat software integrates with the Sales Force CRM system, the Auto Dealership CRM Integration, and has the Push Data Apex Platform. These systems can have the software perform better than most chat programs. The HIPAA Compliant is added security for reports and data.

With all of these features present in the chat software, the company’s website is in good hands.