The Art of Custom Patches

Creating custom patches is very easy nowadays due to technology that enables machineries to function intelligently and swiftly. However, fabric decorations like embroidery has been done throughout the years, even from thousands of years ago. It is an art in which the only media used are threads, fabric and needle.

Making decorations with the use of fabric, needle and thread is considered as an old art. It is considered as traditional handicraft that has rooted from ancient Babylonians, Phoenicians, Chinese, Mediterraneans, Indians, South Americans and Egyptians.One of the famous striking works of art through embroidery is Bayeaux Tapestry. It is approximately 70 meters long and 50 centimeters tall. Bayeaux Tapestry portrays the Battle of Hastings in 1066. It depicts the Norman’s conquest of England, between William, the Duke of Normandy, and Harold, the Earl of Wessex who had also become a King of England. Latin tituli is also prominent.

The embroidery consists of fifty scenes. It is said that it was commissioned by Bishop Odo, who is also William’s brother. The textile was made in England during the 1970’s. It was during the 1729 when the textile was discovered. Now, the Bayeaux Tapestry is displayed at the Musee de la Tapisserie de Bayeaux, Normandy, France.Embroidered textiles and fabrics were considered as symbols of prosperity several centuries ago, only because the wealthy could afford embroidered products that were hand-made.Because of the ongoing change in technology, machineries were more capable of creating more precise pattern in a faster and more effective way.Custom PatchesIsaak Groebli was the first to create the first commercial embroidery machines. These were invented in 1800s in Switzerland. The machines were named as Schiffli looms, which means small boat, because machines’ shuttles look like small boats.A paper tape system automates embroidery machines during the 1950s. The paper tape system is the one that defines the pattern on how the machine would sew.In 1970s computer has been incorporated to sewing machines making them more efficient. Because of the computer revolution, the embroidery machines had become more precise in creating uniform patterns.

Today, Switzerland is the leading country when it comes to the production of embroidery equipment. Some companies in the United States, Germany and China also produce embroidery equipment.To convert a design into a custom patch, digitizing is one of the process. During the process, an artwork is scanned into a computer. The computer converts this artwork to a language in which it can understand. One may also create his or her design directly on the computer and let all the embroidery work done by the computer just by pressing a button.

The cutters were placed securely to cut the material in any shape. The shape determines if the patches to be sewn traditional or heat-sealed.The merrowed border, which is also known as traditional border provides a wrapped border look. The heat-sealed hot-cut borders are done on patches with more detailed angles and shapes.The best feature of embroidered custom patches is that, it is more durable and won’t fade over time.

Today, custom patches are used in different sectors of the society. The government uses custom patches on uniforms. Sports players and even employers use patches that serve as identification of one’s job, company, ranks and position. Different kinds of organization or clubs also use patches to denote membership.

Patches are important in the military, because it is used to symbolize their classification within the troops. Religious organizations sometimes use patches to denote their beliefs.The art of custom patches has been practiced throughout the century. As the technology improves, patch making also becomes more precise, more attractive and more durable.

What Every Geek Needs to Know About Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Assembling a printed circuit board (PCB) at home has turned into a hobby for a lot of technology geeks who love to tinker with different stuff on their free time. This hobby has been made easier by the availability of PCB components that can be bought at very affordable prices. This affordability is thanks in part to the steep competition between many manufacturers in building the best PCB that would further modernize their products.

Why the competition? Well, manufacturers have to stay ahead of the technological race by introducing better multi-function gadgets that promise to give consumers great value for their money, especially if the gadgets are small enough to fit into pockets.

But before trying to assemble your own printed circuit board, the following tools would first have to be readily available :

• Wire cutter
• Pliers
• Soldering iron

Pcb assemblyThese three tools are the primary necessities for assembling a printed circuit board. The wire cutter and pliers have to be the small-sized ones to make it easier to maneuver around the often-tiny spaces of the PCB base board. There should also be a mat that prevents too much static from building so that the individual can ensure his own safety while assembling the PCB.
The following tools are optional though it would help to have them handy just in case they’re needed :

• Magnifiers
• Dental probe
• Work light
• Ohm or volt multimeter tester

During the actual assembly, it would also be best if there is a damp sponge that can be used for cleaning the tip of the soldering iron in-between the process of soldering the different connections. This way, the individual would ensure that errors are minimized because there wouldn’t be any excess connections on the tip of the iron that would get in the way.

Before starting with the actual assembly of the printed circuit board, it is necessary to first choose the type of technology for placing the different components onto the board.

There are 3 main PCB technologies, namely :

1. Surface Mount Technology or SMT

This can be taken quite literally because this process entails mounting each component right on top of the PCB’s surface. The mounting is usually done by soldering each component by its metal cap onto the surface that is allotted for it on the PCB.

2. Plated Through Hole or PTH technology

This process makes use of the holes that are already pre-drilled onto each component. Tiny pins are inserted onto the holes. These are then soldered onto pads on the opposite side of the PCB.

3. Mixed technology

This process makes use of both SMT and PTH for attaching the components onto the PCB. A lot of tech geeks feel that it is best to do the SMT process first and then follow this up with the PTH technology. This way, the components are attached more securely to the PCB.

Once the technology has been chosen, it is now time to attach the components onto the printed circuit board. Beginners wouldn’t have a problem in doing this part because all they would have to do is follow the schematic drawing when soldering each component onto the board. Once all the components are attached, the individual should then use the volt meter for testing the resistance level of each of the PCB’s components.

Of course, he has to make sure that no component shows an infinite or high resistance level because this means that the PCB would not work and he would have to do the process all over again using entirely different components.

How to get customized items online

Customized items are used for variety of purposes. For thoughtful people, customized items are perfect as gifts for loved ones since these can be personalized. For people holding events and parties, such items are used as giveaways for event attendees. For entrepreneurs and company managers, these can be used as promotional products. Or, these can also be used as products themselves.

Custom LanyardsOne thing is for sure, customizable items can provide you with many purposes. The demand for these items is clearly increasing. The most common customized items that you can choose from include customized mugs, tumblers, lanyards for your IDs and keys, customized shirts, coasters, cap and many others.

Where to look for customized items?

There are two answers: the Internet and actual specialized custom shops. Because of its increasing demand and gaining popularity, customized items can easily be found online. There are countless shops and companies that offer them at affordable prices.

You can also find them in your local shops. There are number of customized shops that you can look from. Usually, customized shops are also your local digital printing shops since they do similar procedure in customizing items which include printing.

How to order online?

If you decide to order online, it can really be convenient. This is because online purchases are delivered right on your doorstep. Here are the steps when purchasing customized items online:

1. Find an online shop

Look for an online shop that specializes on the kind of customized item you want. Most of the time, these shops offer variety of items, from shirt to mugs to lanyards or ID holders. But sometimes, an online store specialized only on a single to several items. For instance, there is an online shop for customized shirts only. Another is for lanyards, badges, or ID holders only or one that specialized on drinking wares, etc.

2. Pick your item

Customized items come in variety of types, sizes, and designs. Usually, it can differ from the type of material it is made up with. There are the types of cloths for shirts. The type of wares for beverage holders. Type of cords for lanyards and many others. Normally, online shops provide the options for their clients. A good online shop has a shopping platform for its customers where it allows you to pick the style you want for your item.

3. Negotiate the design

Since customized items means it can be personalized, the design actually depends on the clients. If you already have a design of your own, you can use the way you want it to for your personalized items. In fact, most businesses use their own trademarks like logos, fonts, and basically their brand on their customized items.

4. Check the design

If you have already picked the size, design and styles, it would be necessary to check the design. If the online shop can provide you with the prototype, check whether what you want has already been included. Otherwise, you can browse through the shop’s gallery to check their finished products. In that way, you can have an idea what your item might look like.

5. Place the order and pay the charge

Upon placing your order, take time to check it (the quantity and amount you will have to pay). Paying the order depends on the payment available on the online shop. Usually, these stores accept your credit cards or payments done through third party online payment systems.

6. Sit back, relax, and wait for your order

Delivery is usually within a couple of days depending on your location. Perhaps the maximum time to wait is within a week or so. In some online shops, they have a feature that allows you to track your item. Or you can always contact the shop through their customer service.

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